Steve Cross has spent many years etching his way through life, whether it be on wall, canvas or skin. 

Beginning his passion for extreme art when he was just 13, Steve made his mark on the walls of Perth, Western Australia, running with some of the city’s top writers.

Though young, he quickly made a name for himself, gaining respect from his peers and kickstarting life-long friendships.

In 1992 he helped set up mural arts programs for local council and charity organisations, coordinating ‘Aeroglyphics,’ an international graffiti convention in Perth which ran in the summer of 1994/1995. This gave Steve a taste for large-scale murals, and he spent much of the ‘90s up ladders and scaffolding, creating graffiti pieces for Perth ‘s many local councils. Many of these can still be seen today. 

Steve never lost his urge to draw, paint and record the world around him, and he has kept hundreds of visual diaries over the years. Many of his drawings made it off the page and onto the skin of Steve’s many tattoo customers, who have proudly displayed his work for almost two decades.

Now a successful co-owner of Korpus, one of Australia’s top tattoo destinations, Steve spends his days tattooing, drawing, painting and creating. 

Steve's acrylic paintings, beautifully printed on Heavy Bamboo stock, are produced using only the finest quality inks.

All prints are limited-run, signed and numbered by the artist.